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My 9 years old is miserable due to H Pylori

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My 9 years old is miserable due to H Pylori

Post by Holisticmind »

Hi Everyone,
I am feeling a deep mental pain while writing this message on this forum. It's about my 9 years old daughter who has been very sick from last 2 years. She was born as a healthy child and everything was normal till the age of 7 years except chronic constipation which started at the age of 7 months after introducing the solid foods. I still remember the horrible time during Halloween 2020, when I observed that she is losing weight and hair. It never stopped after that. We are an average Indian family but despite of financial constraints, I contacted USA naturopaths and after her GI MAP test we came to know that she has high level of H Pylori. Meanwhile she developed low appetite, burping, severe constipation, severe hair fall, 5 Kg weight loss and so on. When we started treating her with naturopathic supplements, we saw 180 degree improvement, majority of her symptoms improved but this was temporary relief. After one month we were back to square one. We have tried Interfase Plus, Monolaurin, Matula Tea, Mastic Gum, Pyloricil, Black Seed Oil, S Boulardii, Glutamine, G I Synergy, Berberine, DGL, Broccomax, Colostrum, and many other supplements till now for the eradication of H Pylori, however, there has not been much relief. Every time we try something new, we see improvement, however, soon after, the bacteria become resistant, and we are back to square one. I am losing my daughter everyday. She has hair thinning and She hasn't gained any weight in the last two years due to malabsorption and appears to be skin and bones. She is slipping into depression due to all this. We didn't try antibiotic till now as she is a child. She will turn 10 years old after 2 months. My heart breaks when she looks at me with her innocent eyes. I am her mother and I too have dysbiosis. This might have transferred to her when she was in my womb. I have Hashimoto's. I tested my daughter for Hashimotos but her antibodies are below range and TSH is 2, but her FT3 and FT4 are at top range. Seems H Pylori is in process of creating Thyroid malfunction. I came on this forum with lots of hope. I request Dr Barry Marshall and Team with folded hands to help my daughter. I am in deep shit right now. I sleep with this burden and wake up with the same burden. I feel helpless and suffocated all the time. Pls help!

Posts: 3
Joined: Sun Jan 15, 2023 5:11 pm

Re: My 9 years old is miserable due to H Pylori

Post by Holisticmind »

Hi People,

I was expecting some replies on my post. Can anyone guide me here. @ helico_expert, any suggestions?


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