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Duodenal Ulcers in a child

Ulcers of the duodenum and stomach are called peptic ulcers. H.pylori causes most ulcers; other causes are aspirin and arthritis type drugs (NSAIDS). Ulcers can also be in the oesophagus but these are not caused by H.pylori.

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Re: Duodenal Ulcers in a child

Post by coolvibe »

I have no experience with Helicobacter in kids, but I encountered this issue myself. As far as I’m concerned, a stool test should normally be enough to determine whether you have it.

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Re: Duodenal Ulcers in a child

Post by federed »

It is always a good idea to see several doctors before deciding when it comes to such diseases. Do not undermine the importance of multiple sources of information and opinions since any wrong decisions taken now can have consequences later. My daughter had H. Pylori, and it took us a few months before we finally got to meet pediatrician Indiana who argued that we should make a stool antigen test and DNA test to have the necessary data before providing us with the corresponding treatment. He is doing great now, and it seems we solved the problem, at least for now.

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