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Filiz’s H Pylori Regimen- It worked for us!

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Filiz’s H Pylori Regimen- It worked for us!

Post by Filiz-isabela-ziya »

Attention :Barry Marshall and Alfed Tay

My history:
I’ve had H Pylori approximately six times. I have tried every current regimen and it continuously came back regardless of what treatment I tried. I even developed an amoxycillin allergy during this.
My 10 year old son was recently diagnosed with H pylori, his breath test was negative but he had all the symptoms including severe inflammation in his body. I took a breath test as well and it was negative. I was asymptomatic. In my experience the breath test is unfortunately not accurate and does not have a high rate of success due to human error when the test is being done by lab technicians that are not experienced. The tests need to be exact or a false negative arises.
My purpose in life is to help others and Barry Marshall’s determination with this disease has been so inspiring to me so instead of getting upset that I had H. pylori so many times I decided to use this opportunity to try and figure this out and hopefully help others. Even though I’m a Naturopath, I do believe in traditional medicine as well so I purchased stool tests on my own and I tested both myself and my son and it showed up positive for him but not for me. My son was losing so much weight and not doing well. It was my only chance to try something different instead of just giving him gravol or putting him on PPI’s, My thinking was what if I passed this on to my son years ago or what if he passed it on to me previously… I then drank from his cup and used the same utensils as him and re-tested my stool a week later and it was positive. It appears that the stool test is accurate but when you take a sample you need to take the part of the stool that has black specs in it (in the centre )of the stool or any kind of mucus that’s in the centre of the stool, normal looking stool is not going to come out positive, I went through several tests to come to this conclusion. This is important to know when testing your stool. I brought this to my family doctor. She did not agree with what I was doing because the breath test was negative. 
However because our stool tests were positive and our symptoms were that of h pylori she agreed to give us both the quad therapy.

I wanted to do the treatment simultaneously with my son, although it probably would’ve been easier to care for him with only one of us on the treatment, but I needed to know and feel what he was going through when taking the treatment so we did it together… It was the longest 10 days.

My findings:
I found on the third day of our treatment we both had extreme energy and we felt like new people, then on the fourth day we started to feel bad again and this is when I decided to change things up after doing some research. You see H pylori hides in the gastric glands, which are tiny pits in the wall of the stomach and they become incredibly difficult to dislodge. It’s almost like they find new pathways after the first few days of treatment so by switching it up it will trick the bacteria and eradication will be successful.

In the past I followed the quad therapy and triple therapy exactly and it came back, I also found that it was very hard to stay with the protocol and I had severe side effects. So this time I changed a few details with the dosing schedule for our treatments 

The only treatment symptoms we had were slight nausea and tiredness. I am glad to say we are now cured without having to go or stay on PPIs.

Filiz H. pylori regimen/ schedule

Tetracycline three times a day for first 5 days.
Flagyl twice a day for the 10 days
PPI twice a day for 10 days
bismuth four times a day for 10 days
On the fifth day change tetracycline to four times a day with the last dose being at midnight.

Schedule should look like this for the first 5 days
7 am ppI
7:30am tetracycline no food ( 700mg)
8:30 am flagyl with food (500mg)
2 bismuth

12pm lunch with 2 bismuth

1pm tetracycline no food ( 700mg)

5 pm flagyl with food (500mg)
2 bismuth

6 pm ppi

7 pm snack

8pm tetracycline no food (600mg)

9pm 2 bismuth

Schedule should look like this for the last 5 days
7 am ppI
7:30am tetracycline no food (500mg)
8:30 am flagyl with food ( 500mg)
2 bismuth

12pm lunch with 2 bismuth

1pm tetracycline no food (500mg)

5 pm flagyl with food (500mg)
2 bismuth

6 pm ppi
6:15 pm snack

7pm tetracycline no food (500mg)

9pm 2 bismuth

12am tetracycline (500mg)

The current quad regimen is 250 mg of Flagyl four times a day and 500 mg of tetracycline four times a day this is challenging because tetracycline is supposed to be without food, and Flagyl is supposed to be with food.

However with my new schedule I was able to eat and the medication was absorbed properly. The point of the quad therapy is to make sure that the medicine is consistently in your body. However The H pylori organism adapts to your body so by changing the schedule after five days it can combat any bacteria that is trying to sneak out whenever the medication is not in your body .

The Flagyl is supposed to be 1000 mg in a day and 2000 mg of tetracycline in a day
I split the Flagyl in two doses 12 hours apart as this medicine taken four times a day is very challenging for a patient. The tetracycline I split three days apart again with the same dosage of 2000 mg in a day. I did this for the first five days.

The last five days, I split the tetracycline four times a day and made it later in the evening. The Flagyl still stayed twice a day so the patient was more compliant to taking the medication. In my findings by switching up the tetracycline the last five days and extending it in the evening, the H Pylori Infection that may have been laying dormant in the hours where the medication was not in the system will now be eradicated.

In my findings I chose to taking the medication for 10 days instead of 14 days as it can bring on some unwanted side effects when it comes to your gut and you can possibly get C Diff.

After the antibiotics were finished
We took probiotics for two days and then Diflucan /fluconazole for one week afterwards.

I stopped the PPI on the 10th day even though the regimen says to continue the PPI for up to three months.
If rebound effect happens from the ppI I treated it with bismuth and not ppI as it’s hard to get off ppI.

I’m sharing all of this with you in hopes to help anyone that needs it.

All that I ask, is you hopefully reference my name if this is successful for you:-)

Filiz Isabela Ziya

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