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Hpylori symptoms and treatment advice

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Re: Hpylori symptoms and treatment advice

Post by Helico_expert »

It's the wound that gives you the symptoms. Some wound can take a long time to heal. If PPI can help reduce your symptoms, you should continue to take PPI. Anxiety and stress can definitely trigger gastric symptoms. We have done human trials and showed that extreme stress and anxiety can trigger gastric symptoms.

it's very rare for stomach cancer to develop within 3 years. especially when your endoscopy had not shown anything abnormal and you dont have family history of gastric cancer. It usually take decades for stomach cancer to develop.

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Re: Hpylori symptoms and treatment advice

Post by AMERC »

Hi Helico_expert

My situation is also very similar

First has acidity issues in June 2020

Had endoscopy in Oct 2020. No inflammation or gastritis or Hernia. Only H pylori positive

Did two separate 7 days triple therapy treatment

since than I have tested negative for h pylori on 3 stool tests done over 12months. None when I was on PPI

Between July 21 and Jan 22 . No PPI taken because hardly any acidity symptoms

Since late Jan 22. Acidity symptoms. Pain in the epigastric region and occasional heartburn has return. Sometimes the pain is very sharp stabbing like

Now taking Dexilant 30mg one a day to keep symptoms in control

However saw a Gastroenterologist today. He said that I should do a breath test to find out if the bacteria has truly gone because he said stool tests are not very accurate. I told him that I have done 3 stool test in 12 months all of them can't be wrong

[Anyways he said that either the bacteria has not cleared or it has cleared but it has made the stomach very sensitive to acid. Much more than before

Is breath test better than stool test for h pylori post eradication therapy?

Can I be really unlucky to have 3 stool test give false negative despite not being on ppi or antibiotics in 15 days before ?

If the bacteria is present how come I don't have the symptoms all the time. it only comes and go especially during stressful times

Can the stomach become very sensitive to acid post eradication? I note the symptoms comes during stressful days or when I have slight stomach upset

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