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PPI use and worse COVID-19 outcome, but H pylori and COVID says otherwise?

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PPI use and worse COVID-19 outcome, but H pylori and COVID says otherwise?

Post by downwithhp »

So I just saw these three sources saying those who take PPIs longer than 6 months have worse outcomes of COVID-19 than those with smaller doses.
I'm taking omeprazole 20mg twice daily to control my H pylori infection because it's resistant to every antibiotic. I cannot go off my PPI or it'll get gastritis and a bleeding ulcer, like many times before. Can I go back to 20 mg once daily? I really feel these studies are too new to take it seriously, yet I do not want to take the risk. There is no way I can just go off it, or my chances of dying from an ulcer/gastritis will be much higher than dying from COVID. What should I do? Are these studies reputable?

I wear a mask, social distance and hand sanitize and so far have not gotten COVID and don't plan to.

but these studies freak me out. However, another study says H pylori can reduce a severe covid case: (These data support the rationale to suppose that gastric H. pylori colonization affects immune homeostasis and may play a role in damping the hyperinflammation characteristic of severe COVID-19 cases [14])

Bottom line: Three sources say, PPI use increase risk of COVID 19, one source says H pylori reduces severe risk. And another says O+ blood (I have) reduces risk. So which is it? I exercise daily, eat healthy, at a healthy weight, and take COVID rules seriously.

H pylori source:

PPI and COVID source ... ronavirus/ ... 020-322248

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Re: PPI use and worse COVID-19 outcome, but H pylori and COVID says otherwise?

Post by barjammar »

:shock: These are tricky questions and I cannot explain why the proton pump inhibitor would increase the risk of a severe outcome from COVID. Perhaps the virus is able to infect the gut rather heavily if the acid blockade is present.
My suggestion is just try very hard not to catch Covid and then, if you do catch it, discuss the proton pump inhibitor situation at that stage. I’m sorry I don’t have time to research this fully at today but we will update the answer as information becomes available.
The blood group question is probably not very important - and you can’t do anything about that. Respiratory disorders have often been noticed to correlate with blood groups (which are expressed on mucosal surfaces and participate in immunity).
Check the link below for information on hard-to-treat cases. Then search the forums for questions and answers similar to yours.

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