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H Pylori and panic anxiety disorders

The cure of Hp usually requires antibiotics. Other things have been tried and have a weaker effect.

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H Pylori and panic anxiety disorders

Post by Vivin »

I have been diagnosed with H. pylori infection and pan gastritis through endoscopy with RUT, and I have undergone antibiotic therapy two times in the last six months. The first treatment involved: Pylokit (Tinidazole 500mg + Clarithromycin 250mg + Lansoprazole 30mg), and the second treatment was a quad therapy (Bismuth 120 mg + Tetracycline 2000 mg + Metronidazole 1200mg + Dexlansoprazole 60mg), each lasting for 14 days. While my symptoms do improve during the antibiotic regimen, they tend to worsen progressively after I complete the treatment.

My primary complaints include palpitations, extreme anxiety, brain fog, headaches, fatigue, and difficulty focusing and breathing too. These symptoms have led me to seek the expertise of various medical professionals including gastroenterologists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, and neurologists. However, the consensus among them has been to dismiss my symptoms as psychiatric in nature.

I am curious if anyone has come across cases where folks exhibited symptoms similar to mine. I am particularly interested in understanding whether H. pylori infection could potentially contribute to symptoms like anxiety, fatigue and headaches and this is not just a psychiatric issue.

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Re: H Pylori and panic anxiety disorders

Post by Amenweekly »

Hi! My name is Carrie Smith. I am a 46 year old female. I have had on going symptoms of Hpylori since around 18 years old. When I would get a cold/flu symptoms it would always turn into an infection and in order to kick it I would have to go on an antibiotic to get rid of the cough. Since then I have had four children and after my 3rd pregnancy my symptoms worsened. I began experiencing vertigo and got a salivary gland infection. About 4 1/2 years ago (August 2019) I began recognizing a horrible extended family tragedy that had happened to me as a child. I was really ashamed of what had happened to me and I didn’t want my husband or kids to know. I would wake up at night go downstairs and lay on the couch crying terribly like I had never in my life experienced such pain. Then I would get these horrible stomach aches with gas bubbles popping around my entire abdomen and even to my lower back area. I have been in and out of doctors offices but finally was told by a doctor I had Hpylori from a endoscopy. I have been on 1 round of antibiotic treatment which helped for four weeks. I would really love to be part of a study under Dr. Barry Marshall’s team or at least be a patient. If they could do the endoscopy and determine an antibiotic treatment that would be ideal! I agree that I probably had this bacteria dormant but it did not start effecting my stomach until the stress and anxiety started taking a tole on me. Anyhow, I would be blessed if someone on staff could reply? Thanks & Blessings, Carrie Smith

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Re: H Pylori and panic anxiety disorders

Post by paulbuie »

Vivin, I have much of the same symptoms, especially HORRIBLE ANXIETY. I have gone the naturopathic way for years but it is not working, I'm about to ask my doc for antibiotics. I can make progress but they always come back.

Stop eating carbohydrates. Every time I make progress with killing them (HP bastards) and start eating carbs again, they always come back. You don't see docs talk about this but the HP thrive on carbs and not so much on starchless vegies, lean meat. I could not eat at all for a while. I eat broccoli and chicken when I'm in crisis (I am now).

Your treatments will work if you get off carbs. It always works for me.

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