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On the contrary, many of the foods that contain

One of the first bugs to be sequenced, H.pylori has a small genome (1.6 MD) befitting its lifestyle in a hostile acidic mucosal niche. Of the 1500 genes, 750-1000 are essential, the others are different in each strain. Hp has an "open pan-Genome" which means the more strains you look at the more genes you will find - i.e. you will never have a complete set of all its possible genes!

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On the contrary, many of the foods that contain

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On the contrary, many of the foods that contain very high percentage of energy, such as olive oil, are nutritious so it's a good idea to be included in your diet, but in moderate amounts.

What is foods negative energy?
Perfect Biotics
The concept of negative energy foods and drinks also cause for much confusion and this theory is based on the fact that we use some energy to digest food and drink.

Some foods have such a low content of energy we use up more energy in theory that it has to digest them. Thus, one can consider these foods to foods negative energy. Examples include lettuce, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon juice, grapefruit, strawberries and other berries, cabbage, and sugar-free gum and artificially sweetened beverages.

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Re: On the contrary, many of the foods that contain

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nice post .... well done
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