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h pylori in well water???

You mostly catch H.p. as a child. In most studies it was found that children has the same strain as their mother. In developing countries transmission is common when hygeine is poor, or when water and food is contaminated with faeces. H.pylori likes moisture so toilet areas must be kept clean and dry.

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h pylori in well water???

Post by skayerm »

My mother, 64 years of age, was just diagnosed with stage 2 stomach cancer, (T3 N0 M0)
I am pretty sure that h pylori caused her disease. Doctors have not tested or confirmed my hunch because they say there isn't anything they can do about the possibility of her carrying the h pylori bacteria at this moment because they have to aggressively treat her cancer. Her treatment plan includes neoadjuvant chemotherapy, surgery, and then adjuvant chemotherapy. I am worried that my mother contracted h pylori from the well water in her home. That being the case, she won't be able to recover if she continues to drink the water. My father was diagnosed with h pylori a couple of years ago and took antibiotics to get rid of it. For all I know, he could still be carrying the bacteria too. A neighbor passed away from stomach cancer a few years ago. I wonder if the groundwater in this area, (Montrose, Pennsylvania), is infected with the h pylori bacteria? I wonder if there is a connection here.
I have been doing a ton of reading and research online and I came across your pursuit on h pylori causing gastric illness. I also know that Penn State University has been doing testing around PA to verify h pylori in different areas.
I want to get my parents well water tested as soon as possible. I'm not really sure where to start or who to contact. Would someone from Penn State be interested or be able to test our well?
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Re: h pylori in well water???

Post by barjammar »

Search for my recent answer about water testing. I don't think you need to test the water, just the whole family! There is probably a 2x-4x risk of stomach cancer in first degree relatives once someone else in the family has had it. Quite often the H.pylori disappears a few years before it presents. However, I have seen a few patients who remained unwell after stomach surgery and were found to still have H.pylori - and they felt better when it was treated. Its not urgent however. Since the stomach is being interfered with, the best test for Hp in cancer sufferers is the serology/blood test for H.pylori antibodies. :mrgreen:
Check the link below for information on hard-to-treat cases. Then search the forums for questions and answers similar to yours.

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