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New natural treatment, pls write your opinion.

Honey, Garlic, Chili, Ginseng, Mastic Gum, Broccoli (and many others) have been recommended. If these treatments worked, the originators would have patented them and made millions. Some have been tested but so far no natural therapy has been proven to be a cure. Since there is no scientific evidence that thay do work, we can assume that they do not. The onus must be on the manufacturers to do the work and prove their products.
Plenty of natural products can kill H.pylori in a test tube, but most of these have no effect in actual humans. Generally the effect of natural products is weak, but the field holds promise.

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New natural treatment, pls write your opinion.

Post by Attila »

Hi everyone,

First of all, sry my bad english.

My sort story:

I've been HB+ for five years. my 4 treatments were unsuccessful.
,ppi + amox (year 1)
,ppi + clatro + amox (year 1)
,ppi + clatro + metro + bizmuth (year 2)
,ppi + tetra + metro + bizmuth (year 2)

During the last therapy, my heart got sick and my legs were filled with water.
I was sick even then(HB), but the symtions are gone. Thats the reasons, why im quit the treatment series.
Now the symtions are back, and i must found an another way to kill my super bacteria.

My continuously used drugs:

bisoprolol 5mg + xanax 5mg
bisoprolol 5mg + xanax 5mg + ace inhibitor 5mg + calcium-antagonist 5mg

Pls, read the article in the following link and write your opinion to me. ... -products

"Our nonprescription treatment consisted of the following supplements taken simultaneously:
mastic gum (Jarrow Formulas, Los Angeles, California ): 500 mg, 1 capsule 3 times daily;
emulsified oil of oregano in A.D.P. 50 mg (Biotics Research Corporation, Rosenberg, Texas): 1 tablet 3 times daily;
Pepto-Bismol: 4 to 6 tablets daily in divided doses between meals;
Vital 10 (Klaire Laboratories, Reno, Nevada) a broad-spectrum probiotic containing 5 billion colony forming units of 10 probiotic strains: 1 capsule twice daily; and
Herbulk (Metagenics, Gig Harbor, Washington) a 5:2 blend of soluble-to-insoluble fiber: 14 g per day (10 g of soluble, 4 g insoluble fiber) mixed in water."

Thanks in advance

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Re: New natural treatment, pls write your opinion.

Post by Helico_expert »

We tried probiotic treatment before and it doesnt work in our clinic.Perhaps they used a different strain. Nevertheless, it's hard to understand how such strategy can work.

Since it is quite harmless treatment and you have tried so many antibiotic treatment, it's up to you to give it a try.

alternatively, recently there is a new therapy, using High dose PPI and amoxicillin.

Since H. pylori cannot become resistant to Amoxicillin, I think this therapy has lots of potential. Also, H. pylori cannot become resistant to bismuth too. Therefore, I think a treatment combining High dose PPI, high dose amoxicillin and high dose bismuth would be the next first line treatment for H. pylori eradication therapy.

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Re: New natural treatment, pls write your opinion.

Post by Zizem »

Hello Attila,

I think you can try, but you can also do research about food during natural treatment.

Nickel-containing foods strengthen the bacteria, carbohydrates and sugar will feed it.

I also suggest you try cabbage juice to add to your diet.

Don't forget to share the results with us, I hope we all get rid of this bacteria. :)

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